Our Values


Our values express our beliefs as a company, and reflect the best qualities in our work:

LIFE – We recognize life as the essence of being. We show our responsibility for the maintaining of lives.

HEALTH – We identify health as an attribute of life. In our daily activities, we aimed at ensuring people’s health.

CREATIVITY – We create innovative products to improve people’s health, thereby improving lives.


The mission of our company underlies at the heart of everything that we do. It explains what we come to work every day. It serves as an important reminder of why we exist as a united company.

We see our mission of carrying people’s health by providing a full range of innovative, high-quality and affordable medicines.

“Spey” not only assists sick people to recover but also helps healthy people to maintain this health. The universal development of the healthcare system at all levels will be our main goal. And we strive to make sure that as many people as possible feel better, including our patients, clients, and partners.



Our main principle is to achieve the best results. We want to show the greatest creativity where new opportunities are. We do not use a creative approach when it comes to following the norms of legislation, the safety and quality of our products. But we are looking for original and optimal ways to improve our activities and find solutions to overcome existing and future obstacles.


We take care of our patients and their families, doctors, and nurses who help people feel better every day. We want health services to be available for all who need it. For us, the welfare of society and the entire planet on which we live are important. And, of course, we care about our employees around the world.


We are proud that we influence people’s lives for the better and work in the industry where the well-being and health of society, directly depends on our activities. Our task is to continue this mission and work with the commitment to the highest ethical and moral norms. And when we tell our relatives about what we did and what decisions we have made, we are sure that they would be proud of us.